Episode 216 – Colleen Coaches Our Lives

Charlotte Media Royalty Colleen Odegaard joined the podcast to share about her career on Charlotte TV, her new life coaching project and podcast. We also chatted about the new ATC10K, Charlotte Podcast Festival and the Big Pumpkin Wall that John cares too much about.


Episode 215 – Shawn Develops

This week we spoke with Shawn McAllister, Charlotte developer and leader of Fulcrum, a new project in South End. We brought some intense rapid fire questions for Shawn and let’s just say he delivered the goods. We also  dabbled in some history to learn about local journalist Trezzvant Anderson (via a great Charlotte Magazine story).


Episode 212: Developing Charlotte

We were joined by the delightful Ely Portillo of UNCC and Clayton Sealey of @CLTdevelopment to talk about the future of the city, if development has been affected by COVID-19 and lay down some hot takes. We also learned the history of the first Black councilman since Reconstruction, Frederick D. Alexander.


Episode 211: Stuart is Listening

This week we were joined by Charlotte Media icon Stuart Watson who recapped his career highlights and talked about his new project, Man Listening.

Miller and John also shared what they look for in local places to patronize during quarantine, and there is a halfhearted woo.

The Charlotte Podcast · Episode 211: Stuart is Listening


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Episode 209 – We Saw Chuck’s Tweet

This week we talk with historian, data guy, and friend of the pod Chuck McShane and go deep on his question “what were the most impactful events in Charlotte since 2005”. Topics included the usual suspects like the DNC, financial crisis, and HB2 but also a few surprises. John also details how he will celebrate the opening of the Hawthorne Street Bridge.

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Episode 207 – A Man With A (Policy) Plan

We have been profoundly moved by the death of George Floyd while in police custody and are interested in channeling our frustration and anger into a better way forward as a society and city.

To broaden our understanding of what policy changes could be possible, we spoke this week with Robert Dawkins of Action NC and SAFE Coalition NC. Robert has been advocating for police and criminal justice reform since 2014 and shared his personal experience and specific policy proposals that can reduce police brutality in Charlotte.

The Charlotte Podcast · Episode 207 – A Man With A (Policy) Plan


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