Episode 236 – 5th Street Group

This week we sat down with Patrick Whalen and Chef Jamie Lynch to learn more about the start of their restaurant group, how they were affected by a global pandemic and the measures they are taking to better support their staff. We also learned about Miller’s dating strategy, John growled like a Panther and we tried out our first ever cold open. 

We’re not going to lie, this is a great episode.


Episode 235 – A Panthers Stat Guy

This week the fellas got in touch with Will Bryan of the Panthers to talk about his job, the NFL draft and craft beer. We also discussed turf, our upcoming podcast episode that can only be listened to by purchasing the NFT, StarMed Twitter, and our Cheers and Jeers (the South End Tweet).


Episode 232 – A Pod For Our Wildlife

This week the fellas got in touch with nature via their guide, Tim Gestwicki, CEO of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, who was kind enough to learn us about NC’s wildlife and was a good sport about us asking him about his favorite taco. We also learned an amazing fact about salamanders and gave out some Cheers and Jeers.

Check out how you can make your backyard NC wildlife friendly: https://ncwf.org/habitat/backyard/


Episode 230 – A Company That Chews on Childhood Hunger

This week the fellas talked about triple bottom lines and baby accessories with the founder of Bella Tunno, Michelle Tunno Buelow, covering everything from teething rings to business things. They also took a look at how Charlotte’s commute times compare to the national averages for the Charlotte Fact of the Week.