Episode 204 – TEnderly Coffee (without the T)

This week we had the pleasure of talking with Tony from Enderly Coffee about his journey to Charlotte, starting a thriving coffee empire, and maybe we touch on what the future could look like for his business.

We also revisit the Mecklenburg Investment Company story as John’s article about it is in the June issue of Charlotte Magazine, and we end with some words of support from the one and only SG.

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Many people are calling this week’s episode the FOOTBAW MEGAPOD as features both Jourdan Rodrigue (5:15) of The Athletic and Charlotte 49ers Head Football Coach Will Healy (30:08). We talk NFL draft and doing their jobs in the Age of Quar with both, and we enjoy some football themed history with a discussion of the movie Leatherheads. We end as we always do with some Supportive Words from Supportive Guy.

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Episode 202 – Katie Peralta Calls In

We were joined by Katie Peralta of the Charlotte Agenda to discuss her career, what life is like for a reporter during the Corona Virus and why Rudy is a bad movie. We also learned the history of a neighborhood John can’t pronounce and were supported by our BFFL Supportive Guy.

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Episode 200 – We Got Quarantined

Today we celebrated a milestone: our 200th episode!

We shared our favorite memories over the past ~120 hours of #content, discussed some of our Hopes and Dreams for the future of the show, and we did it all under the shroud of a global pandemic that threatens our way of life!

We closed with some kind (?) words of congratulations on 200 episodes from friends of the show.

Thanks to everyone who has listened over the years. We love you and we love Charlotte.

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Episode 199 – A Church That Rebrands

We were joined remotely by Ben Boswell, Senior Minister at Myers Park Baptist, to discuss the church’s recent rebrand and how the faith community is reacting to the Corona Virus. We also learned about the 1918 Flu Pandemic at Camp Greene and were supported by Supportive Guy.

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Episode 198 – Teaching for America

On this week’s episode we were joined by Crystal Rountree, Executive Director of Teach for America, Charlotte Piedmont Triad to learn more about Teach for America and their illustrious alumni making an impact in the Charlotte community. We also learn about Edward Dilworth Latta’s Acrimonious Charlotte Exit and are supported, as always, by Supportive Guy

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Episode 197 – A Map Shop That’s a Landmark


We were joined by Tony of the Map Shop to learn more about this Charlotte landmark, what its future holds and to take a 5th grade geography quiz. We also learned Charlotte’s history with the Freedom Riders and were supported (as always) by Supportive Guy.


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Episode 196 – Charlotte Has History (Museum)

This week the boys were joined by Angel Johnston and Adria Focht from the Charlotte Museum of History and learned all about the museum’s mission and our favorite Charlotte history highlights.

Our history segment this week closed out our series of the Fusion movement with The Wilmington White Supremacist Insurrection of 1898

As always we would be #humbled and #flattered by your vote for Charlotte Magazine’s BOB awards. Link is here.

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Episode 195 – Sabor, But So Much More

This week we were joined by Dalton and Miriam Espaillat from Sabor to hear their incredible story of building a Charlotte restaurant empire and their exciting workforce development work. We also discuss the white supremacist backlash to the Fusion movement in 1898.

Additionally, the Charlotte Magazine BOB award voting is LIVE. You can vote for your favorite podcast HERE.

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