Episode 102 – Live With Joe Bruno

On this very special episode we hung out with our new friend Joe Bruno in front of a live audience and discussed cone weed, spills and some other (actually) important things. We also learned about the history of Plaza Midwood and were supported by GladLibs provided by Supportive Guy and filled in by the audience.

Recorded on 11/18/17 at Petra’s.




Episode 098 – Mayorpalooza (Kenny Smith & Vi Lyles)

This week we were joined by Charlotte’s two candidates for mayor, Councilman Kenny Smith and Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles.

They were both pretty darn delightful, and very willing to tell their personal stories and dish on all things Charlotte, music, sports memories, and even their stances on if Charlotte should have a statue of Grandmama.

To close it out, we were supported by some very special Mayoral Election Supportive Words from Supportive Guy.

Please remember to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 7th for one of these fine folks.

Kenny Smith – 2:57

Vi Lyles – 32:34


Music by https://www.free-stock-music.com