Episode 060 – CIAA w/ Jarvis Holliday And A RunningWorks Update

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On today’s pod we were updated by Meredith and Smasheton of RunningWorks about a major project they have to help the homeless community in Charlotte. Later Jarvis Holliday joined the pod to go over his article on the CIAA and help us pick the best parties to attend. We also learned some important history and Mark Gottfied was supported by Supportive Guy.

Episode 058 – Sean Garrett of the United Way

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We were joined by Sean Garrett of the United Way of Central Carolinas to discuss about his organization’s role in Charlotte, how the United Way has evolved, and to ask him some rapid fire questions.

We also learned about Thaddeus “Thad” “Pop” Tate and Supportive Guy catches us up on what happened in the Big Game.

Sean Garrett – 2:45

History – 33:10

Supportive Words – 39:05

Episode 055 – MLS 2 CLT!

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We are joined by Zach Hall to discuss the potential bid for an MLS team in Charlotte. We touch on if Memorial Stadium should be renovated, whether public funds should be used, and if Charlotte deserves an MLS team.

2:50 – History of soccer in Charlotte

6:25 – Memorial Stadium

20:08 – Should we use public funds?

29:40 – Should Charlotte have MLS.

Episode 054 – Opera Carolina

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This week on the Charlotte podcast we are joined by Megan and Zoe from Opera Carolina. They ran down the many, many reasons we should get into Opera and we discussed the finer points of turning the Fast and Furious franchise into an opera

We also leaned about one of Mecklenburg County’s great women and the first board certified female doctor in the state of North Carolina, Dr Annie Alexander, and were supported this week by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

4:30 – Opera Carolina

34:20 – History segment (Annie Alexander)