Episode 154 – Charlotte’s New York Miracle

In our most unique interview to date, we sat down with two passengers from the “Miracle on the Hudson” flight to hear first-hand what that day was like for them, how it changed the passengers and crew forever and what it means to see the plane in Charlotte.

A special thanks to Beverly Waters and Barry Leonard for sharing their stories and to the Carolinas Aviation Museum for coordinating and hosting the conversation.

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Episode 153 – Charlotte’s History in the Sky

We spent a morning last month at the Carolinas Aviation Museum and met with Katie Swaringen to chat about the museum and its unique exhibits. Settle in for delightful conversation that touches on topics like the history of the museum and how the Miracle on the Hudson plane found its home in Charlotte.

Later in the episode we learn about the eccentric Haskell Deaton and Supportive Guy shared some words for our listeners from Ohio.

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Episode 149 – Are These Things Relevant?

It’s a trap! In this episode Miller surprises John with a new segment where he must detail if Charlotte things like the Hornets or the NASCAR Hall of Fame are relevant. We also learned the history of the guy Selwyn Pub is named after.

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