Episode 094 – Lumberjaxe

We were joined by Ashleigh and Scott of Lumberjaxe and learned about the premier axe throwing company in Charlotte. We also learned about the Big Rock Rock Shelter and were supported by Supportive Guy.

Lumberjaxe – 4:35

Rapid Fire – 19:55

History – 28:30

Supportive Guy – 32:12

City Site & Charlotte Mag article


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Episode 093 – Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation

Today we were joined by Sam Perkins of the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation to discuss the organization’s mission and the importance of the Catawba River Basin for the Charlotte area. We also got over some irrational fears, learned about Lake Norman and were supported by Supportive Guy.

Sam Perkins – 3:30

History – 26:00

Supportive Words – 31:45


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Episode 092 – James E. Ford

Today we were joined by James E. Ford to discuss his path to being North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year and how that has taken him to his role on the Leading on Opportunity Council. It was an incredible conversation that we hope you enjoy.

We also learn about Earl “the Goat” Manigault and teachers were lifted up by Supportive Guy.

James E. Ford Interview – 2:25

Rapid Fire Questions – 38:15

History – 41:30

Supportive Words – 46:05


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Episode 090 – Larken Egleston

Today we were joined by Larken Egleston, who is running for City Council in District 1. Larken discussed his path to running for office and what he issues he is most passionate about. Somehow we also convinced him to answer rapid fire questions and Supportive Guy pitched some new slogans for his campaign.

Larken Egleston interview – 1:00

Rapid fire questions – 26:35

History – 35:20

Supportive campaign slogans – 44:00


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