Episode 063 – Hoops, STEM, And Trees

In our second episode this week we were joined by the voice of Queens Basketball Phil Constantino, Alyssa Sharpe of the STEMinism Podcast and Chuck Cole of Trees Charlotte to discuss three completely different but equally amazing topics. We also learned about the history of BELK!

Dont forget to listen to #ThePoddies!

Phil Constantino – 1:25

Alyssa Sharpe – 11:50

Chuck Cole – 20:13

History – 28:23

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Episode 062 – THE PODDIES

Welcome to the The Poddies, the official Charlotte award show hosted by two guys with a podcast! As a way to reflect on 2016 we voted on some of our favorite things and invited some guests to help accept the awards. We hope you enjoy.

Most Charlotte Event – 5:24

Most Charlotte Place – 8:48

Most Charlotte Thing – 12:50

Worst Charlotte Thing – 16:25

Charlotte Thing to Watch in 2017 – 22:15

In Memorium (what Charlotte killed this year) – 27:08

Most Charlotte Person – 31:34

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Episode 060 – CIAA w/ Jarvis Holliday And A RunningWorks Update

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On today’s pod we were updated by Meredith and Smasheton of RunningWorks about a major project they have to help the homeless community in Charlotte. Later Jarvis Holliday joined the pod to go over his article on the CIAA and help us pick the best parties to attend. We also learned some important history and Mark Gottfied was supported by Supportive Guy.