An Eclectic Evening With Ely

This week we kicked off our 6th season with the first of our “quick hit” episodes. We were joined by Ely Portillo of UNC Charlotte’s Urban Institute to discuss his new podcast and explain to us what the Charlotte Future 2040 plan is as if we were babies. We also chatted about 2021 Charlotte Resolutions and the Charlotte City  Council Retreat, and debuted the Charlotte Fact of the Week.

Episode 221 – Trivia, For Good!

This week we were joined by Jesse Soloff of the Taylor Soloff Memorial Endowment. Jesse quizzed the fellas with a few trivia questions like those in this year’s Answers for Cancer (at home) trivia event. Both of the guys did great answering questions and neither quietly carries a feeling of superiority based on their performance.

Donate and sign up for this year’s trivia contest here:

Episode 220 – West is Keeping Secrets

This week we were joined by Marissa West and Heidi Hillman, Owners of West Kept Secret and learned about their journey as female entrepreneurs in Charlotte. They also provided the boys with customized training plans they will be far too lazy to do, and stuck around for some rapid fire questions that they steed were over far too soon.

We were also #blessed with the return of Supportive Words from Supportive Guy.


Arts Plus (More)!

This week we spoke with Devlin McNeil, President and Executive Director of Arts+, which has been on our dream guest list for years. Devlin did not disappoint, talking about their programming, life after Spirit Square, and what’s changed about their approach post covid. She also nailed the “Woooooo!” at the end.