Episode 243 – A Supportive Mayo Episode

This week the fellas were joined by old friend and creative muse Supportive Guy. The chums talked about classics, Mayonnaise, football, and dad hacks, as well as where to take Charlotte’s most famous mom out for a classy and respectful first date.


Episode 240 – Pod Reunited

This week the boys caught up in person for the first time pre-Covid and sweet daddy Grace, were the takes flowing. The boys covered blimps, July 4th, casinos, post covid greeting protocol, and Dale Earnhardt wine.


Episode 239 – A Hornet With a Heart

This week the boys were joined by Betsy Mack of the Charlotte Hornets Foundation. They talked about the great work around the foundation, coffee preferences, and the curious case of the Quad City DJ origins. The boys also gave a big ol sweaty Jeers to “A Charlotte Summer’s Fatal Flaw”, humidity. 

PS sorry Miller’s audio was especially bad. He is working with a new computer.