Episode 075 – Jemayne King & Meck Dec History

Today we were joined by the lovely Jemayne King to talk about shoe culture, his class at Johnson C. Smith and Sole Food Brand. John walks us through the history of the world’s greatest missing document (The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence) and we are lifted up on angels wings by Supportive Guy’s words.

Jemayne King – 3:50

Meck Dec History – 29:55

Supportive Words – 45:05

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Episode 070 – Open Streets 704 and MORA

Today we were joined by John Short of Open Streets 704 and John Lincoln of MORA to discuss their organizations. John (host of this podcast) also educates us about Queens Table and Supportive Guy eulogizes some guy not named John (Don Rickles).

Open Streets 704 – 2:24

MORA – 20:02

History – 28:45

Supportive Words – 32:45

What we hope the FCC doesn’t listen to – 34:58

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