The Charlotte Podcast will make you a better person?

Podcast Name: The Charlotte Podcast

Podcast Reason: lots of interesting things happen in Charlotte. They can be great things everyone is proud of. They can also be unsavory, disappointing, or missed opportunities. We want to understand all of these things and we think you do too.

Why these guys?: I dunno. They have microphones?

Seriously though you are totally unqualified to do this: That’s true, but maybe our lack of qualification makes us the MOST QUALIFIED. We want to learn about the truth in this city we love and hear many different perspectives that are different from our own. We are free of any agenda or narrative to push, other than wanting to learn more and become better citizens of Charlotte.

Fine I’m convinced, so who are you again?:

·         Miller – has a dog, a job, and a car. He likes Twitter and lifting weights in ways that appear unnatural.

·         John – has a great wife, a smart kid, and a house. Used to have a truck but sold it and now takes Uber and the streetcar. He has more power tools than most people his age. 

What was the name of the podcast again?: The Charlotte Podcast

And when can I hear it?: Weekly, new episodes posted every Tuesday or Wednesday.

How long is it?: We shoot for every episode to be around 45 minutes long.

What happens on it?: Each podcast has a theme that pertains to Charlotte. Most times we’ll have a guest to talk about that theme. At the end we will ask the guest silly questions. We’ll also probably talk about some sports because sports are fun.

Who is this supposed to be for?: Anyone interested in Charlotte, warts and all.

Ok sounds great I like you guys: We like you too