Episode 050 – Logan Cyrus

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We were joined by the brilliant photojournalist Logan Cyrus to talk about his background, what it was like to cover the Charlotte Protests, and his photo series on the election.

We also talked about how it is not going to snow on Christmas and Supportive Guy shares with us his Supportive Oath.

The Supportive Oath

I will be hashtag glad online as long as I am online. Anyone can be mad online but it takes a supportive person to recognize the internet is a miracle of communication and to treat it as such and to be just be happy and nice.

I will return my shopping cart to the cart return to be considerate to both the store’s employees as well as its patrons.

I will not pull my car up all the way in the turn lane when there’s no traffic light so the driver that arrived before me can see the traffic.

I have value and so do you.

I will use my GIFs and emojis to nurture, not to troll.

I am an agent of support and as such I will support others and give them the same agency. Thus helping make the world a better place.

Tom Hanks is Da Gawd and has never made a bad film or television show or appearance. Look to Hanx for just how to be in general.

Any handshake line is a good handshake line.

My fantasy football team is my business and it’s personal and I don’t need to talk to anyone else about it. Withholding my fantasy football experience is one of the most supportive things I can do.

I will listen to and try to understand my fellow human beings. Someone having a different opinion than me does not make them a bad person or a person lacking in intelligence, so I won’t treat them like it does. I’ll also continue to listen to Miller and John on the Charlotte Podcast, they’re a couple of swell guys.